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Are You Ready to Meet Your 5 Potential New Patients?


Are You Ready to Meet Your 5 Potential New Patients?

Ebook cover called 5 types of new patientsWhen a new patient reaches out to your practice to schedule their first appointment, it’s certainly good for business. But have you ever stopped to wonder how he or she found your practice in the first place, or more specifically, the journey they took to land on the sandy shores of your dental office?

You might be surprised to discover that a patient’s journey to find your dental practice can take as many as 7 steps, which include navigating a Google search, checking your online reviews, and searching for more information on your website.

So, what do you need to do to prepare for this multistep journey? To start, an easy-to-navigate website with a mobile-responsive design is essential to turning website browsers into new patients, especially considering that over 60% of people are more likely to contact a local business if it offers a mobile-friendly site.

But before your practice can deliver on the website front, it’s imperative to understand the 5 types of potential new patients that are searching for your services right now. Doing so can take the guesswork out of your digital marketing strategies.

That’s why DPS partnered with Henry Schein One to create an interactive and informative eBook that profiles the most common patient personalities and what you can do to ensure your practice stands out to each one of them. For example, a patient who finds you from an insurance list may have different expectations compared with the needs of a younger, social media savvy patient who sees your lackluster social media presence as a dealbreaker.

The eBook also discusses how to evaluate your current practice marketing efforts and shares some easy-to-use solutions that can simplify each stage of the patient experience in your practice—from online paperwork to digital treatment plans to automated recalls. One of these solutions is Officite, which offers essential practice marketing services like mobile-friendly website design and hosting, reputation management, social media engagement, and call tracking.

The journey to create an outstanding patient experience in your practice starts with a single step. Download this eBook to start your journey and discover what it takes to adopt a strong digital marketing strategy that brings all types of new patients into your practice regardless of their dental needs and expectations.


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