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5 Things Every Dental Office Should Automate in 2018

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Many clinicians have told Dental Product Shopper that, generally speaking, dentists tend to be creatures of habit. They become used to doing things a certain way, and they don’t often venture away from systems, techniques, and products—unless that product is compelling! 

In 2018, most dentists would agree that keeping a filing cabinet of film x-rays is an outdated system, and that’s largely thanks to the advent of digital imaging technologies. But aside from imaging, what other aspects of recordkeeping can you digitize? Considering all the features of practice management systems like XLDent, which was designated a DPS Best Product by current customers, there are still changes you can make.

Below are 5 things every dental practice should automate in 2018 to maximize efficiency, productivity, and profitability.

1. Appointment Confirmations & Check-in – Practice management software now includes email and text appointment reminders to reach patients on-the-go. It also automates the check-in process online, allowing patients to securely complete their health history and other forms from home or from work. This saves the practice time when a new patient arrives for an appointment, and it can also help reduce patient stress.

Helpful XLDent feature: XLDent’s XLCheckIn feature offers an intelligent document center that automatically knows when each form type is due for an update.

2. Charting & Treatment Planning – Electronic dental records systems automate key business processes and ensure dental teams have the tools they need to manage the practice more profitably. Showing patients their records in real-time facilitates chairside digital case presentation and makes it easier to obtain signatures. Paperless patient charting is customizable to any specialty, including restorative and periodontal, meaning CDT code groups are properly assigned to the procedure in patient records. 

Helpful XLDent feature: The Ink Forms feature eases the transition from a paper chart to digital. When paired with a tablet PC, it’s just like writing on a clipboard. Customizable medical tabs automatically harvest information from forms completed by the patient (yet another reason to digitize new patient forms).

3. Electronic Payments – It’s the same concept as managing your online bank account—all transactions are completed on a central platform, ensuring a smooth post-treatment billing process. Add a statement, update claim narratives, process a credit card and print a receipt all from one inclusive screen.

Helpful XLDent feature: The electronic EOB (explanation of benefits), called Electronic Remittance Advice, matches payments to claims, posts claim payments directly to patient records for speed and greater accuracy, and stores remittance information electronically by patient record for quick access.

4. Interoffice Communication– When schedules are packed, the dental practice can be a bustling environment. It’s time to ditch the Post-It pad and email threads for those interoffice reminders and messages. Instant message your colleague or a group of colleagues to improve communication and accountability.

Helpful XLDent feature: XLNotify offers a discreet managing display for confidential discussions. You can even customize your alert tone.

5. Employee Timesheets— The last thing office managers want to do at the end of a long week is to reconcile employee timesheets. Automate the system of punching in and out with software to save time and administrative headaches.

Helpful XLDent feature: XLTimeclock’s administrator module allows users to customize paid time off categories, sort and filter data for quick time card customization, and edit employee hours if staff members forget to punch in or out. XLDent also offers a Swiped ID card feature that can be used with a USB card reader and improves security.

Remember, before you go paperless, it’s crucial to make sure you have processes in place for all your current systems. XLDent can help you review your processes and determine which of their products will help make you more efficient and therefore more profitable. Schedule a demo to learn more.

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