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5 Ways to Obtain Dentrix Training and Education


When it comes to learning new software or expanding your mastery of a platform, there’s simply no substitution for quality training and education. In fact, as the dental practice management experts at Henry Schein Practice Solutions (HSPS) point out, using your software investment inefficiently or incorrectly can be monetarily devastating to your business.

Of course, time spent on training and education, whether in-office or out-of-office, is itself a valuable commodity. That’s why HSPS offers comprehensive training for Dentrix dental practice management software, with options based on your team’s budget and schedule.

Below are 5 ways to obtain Dentrix training and education:

1. Dentrix Workshops – Full-day workshops away from the office provide hands-on, in-depth training taught by Dentrix Certified Trainers. The immersive training enables your team to advance their understanding of Dentrix features and tools, while earning continuing-education credits. Topics include accounts receivable management, treatment planning and case presentation, insurance billing and collection, paperless patient records, clinical charting, essential modules, and continuing care management. The full schedule of Dentrix Workshops is available online.

2. Dentrix Insight Seminars – These condensed in-person sessions offer 3 hours of tips and tricks to help your team learn ways to increase productivity and efficiency. There are currently 2 seminars to choose from, “Dentrix Solutions for Your Top 4 Insurance Challenges” and “30 Things You Didn’t Know Dentrix Could Do,” with relevant tips for each. Dates and locations are also available online.

3. In-Office Training – If attending a Dentrix workshop or seminar isn’t feasible, Dentrix also offers in-office dental management courses to help your team learn the basics or dive deeper into features. Perhaps your team isn’t well-versed in many of the new features since their initial training, or because it’s a lot of information to absorb, they could have forgotten about some features. Dentrix trainers can customize a training plan to focus on specific areas for new team members or within a current staffer's job description, allowing the rest of the team to focus on patient care during a normal work day. Additionally, if you’re still trying to make the transition to a paperless practice, Dentrix trainers can help.

4. Dentrix Resource Center –  Less hands-on than workshops and in-office training, the Dentrix Resource Center allows users to learn at their own pace, with software tutorials and hands-on practice exercises available online and on demand. Users can study Dentrix learning plans for specific tasks, access training videos, search the Support Knowledgebase for FAQs and troubleshooting tips, or download product documentation as needed.

5. Dentrix Learning Edition – If you’re just getting started with Dentrix, and you’re an independent learner, consider starting out with the basics on DVD. Explore Dentrix’s major features at your own pace, away from the office. The package includes a user manual, study guide, practice exercises and access to online video tutorials. This DVD can also help students and job seekers.

Learn more about Dentrix training and education, and access the Dentrix Event Calendar at

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