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KaVo Kerr Restorative Materials Designed to Simplify Digital Workflow


NX3 Nexus dental cement KaVo Kerr Simplifies Final Steps of the Chairside Workflow

In every CAD/CAM restoration, the nature of technology is two-fold. On one hand, there’s the technology of computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing. On the other hand, there’s the technology of the restorative products being used. Both technologies are tangible and highly important to successful clinical outcomes.

It makes sense that some of the biggest companies in digital dentistry are also staying on the cutting-edge of material technology. KaVo Kerr is one of the manufacturers working to streamline the inventory of products needed for permanent cementation of a CAD/CAM restoration, therefore simplifying the final steps of the chairside workflow. 

Where digital technology leaves off, KaVo Kerr’s material technology begins. It’s all part of one integrated, easy-to-use system. 


KaVo Kerr’s OptiBond eXTRA Universal can be used in place of silane and metal primers. This product is based on its award-winning predecessor, OptiBond XTR, and combines GDPM technology with a consistent, universal solution. The result is a bonding agent that brings together the power of a total-etch adhesive and the safety of a self-etch technique in one consistent protocol.


NX3 Nexus Third Generation cement from KaVo Kerr can be used with all substrates, including veneers, zirconia, ceramic, porcelain, and all common using kavo kerr nx3 nexus dental cementCAD/CAM blocks. It’s formulated with Nexus Technology, meaning the NX3 non-BPO catalyst paste minimizes color shift flaws typically found in tertiary amine/BPO initiator systems and other self- and dual-cure cements. The result is a restoration that’s highly esthetic with color stability and high translucency. 

When used in the system described in this article, NX3 Nexus Cement doesn’t require light-curing; however, a light-cure version is available for veneers.

KaVo Kerr refers to the combination of NX3 Nexus Cement and OptiBond eXTRA Universal as the NX3 eXTRa Universal cement and adhesive system. It's comprised of 3 steps:  

nx3 nexus cement 1. First, select and finish your favorite CAD/CAM block material, and polish and finish the crown.

Note: You can purchase KaVo Kerr’s CAD/CAM Solution Kit containing products necessary to finish the restoration, including right-angle cups. 

2. Next, integrate the combination of NX3 eXTRa Universal cement and adhesive system. Start by applying OptiBond eXTRa adhesive onto the prep. eXTRa does not need to be light-cured when used in combination with NX3 Cement. This not only saves time but also results in virtually no film thickness, fewer seating issues, and imperceptible margins.

cleaning nx3 nexus dental cement After using the bonding agent, apply NX3 Nexus Cement onto the restoration or prep. No additional activator is needed for use in total dark-cure mode when used in combination with OptiBond eXTRa adhesive.

3. Finally, seat the restoration into the prep and allow the cement to flow from all sides. Follow with a two-second tack-cure for KaVo Kerr’s One-Peel cleanup.

The Takeaway

Trying new products for “bread-and-butter” restorative dentistry may be a short step outside the comfort zone of your daily routine. However, keep in mind that you’ve already made the digital leap into CAD/CAM dentistry. If you select restorative products that work optimally with the latest block materials on the market, you can really hit your stride.

Even if you haven’t yet made the digital leap and your restoration came from a lab, material choice still matters in your day-to-day workflow. Learn more about the importance of choosing the right cement for each crown preparation on KaVo Kerr’s website

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