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A Better Band for a Better Restoration


ContactPro® Matrix SystemWith so many steps involved in a Class II restoration, it’s important that every product you use works together to produce an optimal result for both you and the patient alike.

A comprehensive kit like Mircobrush’s ContactPro® matrix system is designed to tackle these restorations head on. In a recent webinar on improving Class II restorations, Dr. Troy Schmedding, a California-based restorative dentist, talked about how the elements of this system can make a difference in the final result.

You can learn more about the ContactPro Ring by reading the blog we have recently written. It’s key though, not to minimize the importance of the SmartBands in the kit, and Dr. Schmedding covered this in the webinar.

Each ContactPro SmartBand features a SmartTab for easy pick-up and placement and is naturally curved for easy use. They have a clearly defined marginal ridge and are made of super-thin stainless steel for contouring to the tooth.

Plus, as Dr. Schmedding pointed out, ContactPro SmartBands create a superior emergence profile, when compared with Tofflemire  (circumferential) bands. Tofflemire bands, Dr. Schmedding said, create a straight emergence profile coming from the gingiva “to the point that you’re putting your contact point at the highest point of the marginal ridge.” This is not ideal.

“Whereas a sectional matrix,” Dr. Schmedding added, “you’re putting the contact point midtooth in heart of the matter where we can give ourselves a lot more feasibility in terms of strength.” Plus, he said, because the anatomical placement is superior, stress gets distributed more efficiently.

ContactPro SmartBands are universal and will work with the ring of your choosing. They come in five sizes and in packs of 25 and 100. Plus, they’re cost-effective. The price-per-band is less than many competitors’ bands. Uncoated bands range from .62 to .83; coated bands run from $1.13 to $1.24. Some competing products cost more than double that.

You can find out more about SmartBands here—and access Dr. Schmedding’s video—at

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