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A Brilliant Choice for Permanent Restorations


BRILLIANT CriosWhile CAD/CAM technology offers many potential benefits for restorative dentistry, clinical outcomes are highly dependent on materials used. For ceramic CAD/CAM restorations, bruxism and restricted vertical clearance can prove challenging due to the relative brittleness of the material. The bond between ceramics and luting composites can likewise pose problems. With some ceramic restorations, placement is time-consuming, given less-than-ideal handling along with the need for firing and etching. Lastly, it may be hard to modify or repair ceramic restorations and achieve natural, glossy esthetics.

Today, composite materials are the gold standard for use in direct filling therapy due to their superior physical and esthetic properties. By pairing a submicron hybrid composite with CAD/CAM fabrication, manufacturer COLTENE has developed a restorative solution with significant advantages over ceramic counterparts. COLTENE’s BRILLIANT Crios is an undeniably innovative material that delivers reliable, esthetic and fast restorations without a separate firing process.

A reinforced composite block, BRILLIANT Crios’ exceptional mechanical properties are the result of consistently controlled, stress-free thermal curing. The material possesses high flexural strength along with shock-absorption for reduced stress transmission. As testing shows, BRILLIANT Crios provides comparable wear-resistance to glass-ceramic restorations, yet is gentler on antagonist teeth. These attributes make the material extremely well-suited for permanent restorations even under considerable chewing forces and in cases of bruxism and implant-supported crowns.

In addition to its outstanding mechanical properties, BRILLIANT Crios offers efficient handling and impressive esthetics. Requiring no firing process, the material can be ground with precision and is readily modifiable and repairable. BRILLIANT Crios likewise can be effortlessly and quickly polished to a high gloss and repolished at any time. Available in two sizes, a spectrum of 13 shades and two natural translucencies, the material blends in seamlessly with surrounding dentition. This makes BRILLIANT Crios perfect for beautiful single-tooth restorations in both the anterior and posterior regions.

BRILLIANT Crios is suitable for all conventional indications including inlays, onlays, crowns and veneers. As part of its adhesive filling therapy, COLTENE has established a reliable luting system for BRILLIANT Crios. The key component of this system is ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL, a universal adhesive that securely bonds to BRILLIANT Crios. Based on indication, BRILLIANT Crios and ONE COAT 7 UNIVERSAL can be combined with COLTENE’s BRILLIANT EverGlow® composite or dual-curing resin cements DuoCem® and SoloCem® for a versatile armamentarium of restorative solutions.

To learn more about BRILLIANT Crios and accompanying products, watch demonstration videos and order materials for your practice, visit COLTENE’s website.

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