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A Company Name That Will Bring a Smile to Your Face

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ZYRIS is the new front name for Isolite Systems, and the reason they switched names is enough to make anyone happy—especially those who appreciate anatomy. With one of their primary goals being to make the dental experience a positive one for both patients and clinicians, they’ve chosen the name ZYRIS, which is a word synthesis of the two muscles that help you form a smile: the zygomaticus major and the risorius.


Although Isolite Systems has a new name, what hasn’t changed is its commitment to developing, manufacturing, and supporting the highest-quality products. ZYRIS seeks to help dentists do their jobs more efficiently and successfully with proper isolation. They will continue to develop and build upon their signature products, including the Isolite, Isodry, and Isovac will all remain a part of their brand.


In fact, the newly launched Isolite 3 dental isolation system represents the next generation of their flagship product. The Isolite 3 allows clinicians to quickly and easily isolate, illuminate, and control moisture in the oral cavity. The hands-free system sports a brighter white light for shadowless intraoral illumination as well as a cure-safe amber light—the first of its kind to be integrated into a dental isolation system.


ZYRIS believes that superior dental care has significant effects. The amount of care they put into their work doesn’t just focus on light and isolation—they are more concerned with spearheading a movement to improve the world’s dental care and overall health. Their new name is just a ripple that will continue to expand outward with innovation, integrity, and a devotion to the global dental community.


The company has been in operation for 17 years, making dentists’ jobs easier and more effective. And the team at Isolite still has an insatiable hunger to continue improving and designing top-of-the-line products. The future is bright, and it’s worth smiling about.

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