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A Flexible File for Even the Narrowest of Canals


ProTaper Universal Rotary FilesDentists often look for the newest and most reliable technology and tools to help their practice provide the best care in the most efficient manner. Any new tool that offers sustainable reliability and precision is one that will pique the interest of dentists who are curious about new innovations and eager to better their practice. Dentsply Sirona’s ProTaper Gold is one such tool that can increase accuracy and confidence.

Although highly curved canals are difficult to navigate, ProTaper Gold helps make any case manageable. ProTaper Gold’s pliancy helps it to smoothly glide down curved and restricted canals. Dental professionals are able to rely on the shaping file to help them guide along narrow canals with ease.

The files’ visibly advanced metallurgy creates a difference you can see and feel. ProTaper Gold shaping files pre-enlarge canals, while the deep shapes of ProTaper Gold finishing files promote 3D cleaning and filling root canal systems.

Designed for single-patient use, ProTaper Gold files offer enhanced flexibility and greater resistance to cyclic fatigue with their patented, progressively tapered design that significantly improves cutting efficiency and safety. Learn more on Dentsply Sirona's website.

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