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A New Temporary Material that Challenges the Status Quo


“Am I getting the most from my temporary material?” Add this to a list of questions dental health care professionals probably don’t ask themselves on a regular basis.

It’s possible you’ve only used one material in recent history, and it seems to work well for you and your staff. That’s the thing about routines—you become married to the status quo. You rationalize that this is how you’ve always fabricated a temporary, so there’s really no need to change the material.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that while your personal routine stays the same, chemistry evolves. Manufacturers, such as BISCO, are actively working to improve restorative materials. With the introduction of Pro-V C&B, a temporary crown-and-bridge material, BISCO effectively challenges the status quo. 

BISCO has traditionally been recognized for its chemistry prowess in the development of direct and indirect restorative materials, with award-winning products such as ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL, TheraCal LC, TheraCem, DUO-LINK UNIVERSAL, CORE-FLO DC Lite, and others. Now with the recent introduction of Pro-V C&B, they’ve turned their attention to the step before the restoration, the temporary, creating a multifunctional acrylic composite that’s an excellent combination of strength, durability, flexibility, and esthetics to emulate natural tooth. 

The self-curing Pro-V C&B is indicated for fabrication of temporary crowns, partial crowns, bridges, inlays, onlays, and veneers; for customization of prefabricated acrylic and metal crowns; and for fabrication of long-term temporary restorations. It’s available in 4 essential shades—A1, A2, A3, and Bleach. It polishes beautifully and can be trimmed with minimal effort. 

In a recent evaluation, independent evaluators rated Pro-V C&B a “Best Product,” with a score of 4.6 out of 5 points. Evaluators awarded high marks to several criteria, including handling, working time, and esthetics of the final restoration. Among these criteria, “ease of dispensing/handling” and “consistency/flowability/viscosity” scored a nearly perfect 4.9 out of 5 points. Of course, these criteria are connected, as the ability to create a strong, esthetic temporary crown-and-bridge with efficiency and predictability proves to be a time-saver.

Dr. David Ventker was one of the evaluators who admitted that he hadn’t rethought his temporary material in a number of years. “I have used the same material for temporaries for many decades and thought I was pleased until we used [Pro-V C&B],” Dr. Ventker shared. He found the material was fast and easy to clean up with little or no adjustments needed, and he called the luster and translucency excellent.

Pro-V C&B’s excellent consistency was Dr. Ray Morse’s favorite quality. “It was very good and better than what we are currently using,” he said, adding that the “working time of 2:15 is great” and he was pleased with the “excellent consistent results.”

Dr. Bruce Howard also said Pro-V C&B is much easier to use than his previous material and praised it for just about all of its qualities, including “low shrinkage, good working time, smooth finish, excellent esthetics, and good setting time.” Paying the ultimate compliment, he added, “It makes temporaries enjoyable to fabricate.”

Learn more and read the full evaluation of Pro-V C&B here

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