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A Prophy Paste That Has All The Kids Smiling


It is especially important to encourage proper oral hygiene at a young age so that children carry a positive view and willingness to maintain their oral health through their adult years. Instilling the right mindset in children and affording them the right tools can greatly help to accomplish this mission. With the Monsterz line of prophy angles, prophy paste, varnish and toothbrushes from Sunstar, this has never been easier.

Butler Monsterz prophy paste is a new and innovative lineup that makes oral hygiene more empowering and enjoyable for younger patients. The Monsterz characters were designed to build a fun experience while also encouraging healthier routines. Butler prophy paste, containing 1.23% fluoride, is a splatter-free formula that helps keep the paste on the tooth’s surface. It is especially efficient at removing stains and being easy on enamel. The paste comes in various flavors (mint, cherry, and bubble gum) and makes the cleaning process one that is autonomous for our younger patients.

This product family makes the transition of maintaining one’s oral hygiene just as easy from home with GUM Monsterz toothbrushes. The brushes allow kids to get excited about their oral hygiene and maintain a more regimented routine with their cleanings on their own.

The main goal of the Monsterz lineup is to make healthy routines the easy choice for the youngest patients while helping them to see the importance and benefits of maintaining strong oral hygiene.

Visit the Sunstar GUM homepage to view other products and learn more about their committment to oral health.


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