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In August, Air Techniques introduced its newest iteration of ScanX. Now, that surprised me. ScanX really seemed to have nailed photostimulable storage phosphor (PSP) technology. The company has made improvements and adjustments to the system over the years, and I thought they’d pretty much gotten it to exactly the right place. I mean, really, what more could they do?

The surprise, of course, is on me, because the ScanX Intraoral View is a great step forward when it comes to efficiency and ease of use. For starters, rather than scanning one phosphor plate at a time, you can scan four. And because the unit is WiFi capable, you can place it anywhere in the practice.

Other highlights include:

  • An intuitive touchscreen that provides excellent quality when previewing scans
  • Preset modes for quick and consistent scanning
  • Ability to be used with all PSP plate sizes (0 to 4)
  • An automatic erasure function so the plate can be used again right away

We all know I’m not a dentist, so you might want to hear from one of your colleagues about ScanX Intraoral View. Dr. Ron Kaminer was more than happy to let us know what he thinks of the new system: “The LED screen allows for exact monitoring of the process. Its wireless capability allows for flexibility in placement anywhere in the office. And the image quality is even better than previous generations.” That pretty much says it all.

Watch this video to learn more about ScanX Intraoral View.

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