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A Toothbrush as Effective as Brushing and Flossing Combined?


DenMat’s Rotadent ProCare toothbrush allows you to encourage your patients to maintain a deep cleaning regimen at home. Oftentimes, patients have difficulty getting into the tough-to-get-to places in the grooves of their teeth and between them. With the Rotadent ProCare, patients will now have an at-home solution for periodontal maintenance.

One of the things that makes this electronic toothbrush so unique is the fact that it serves as an extension of the work done in the dental office. This encourages patients by giving them an easy solution to help improve their oral health between office visits. The power of the Rotadent ProCare lies in its ability to accomplish two things at once—it is the only power toothbrush clinically proven to be as effective as brushing and flossing combined[1].

The product is easy to use and solves the problem of not being able to remove plaque from hard-to-reach places. In fact, the Rotadent ProCare removes approximately 92% of plaque in just the first minute of brushing[2]. Perhaps most beneficial isthe fact that with the use of this product comes an increase in patient compliance with homecare and recare appointments[3].

The toothbrush has three brush head options: hollow-tip, short-tip, and long-tip. Each brush head serves a difference purpose—the hollow-tip is designed for cleaning and polishing surfaces of the teeth and sweeping under the gumline; the short-tip is effective for cleaning and polishing the surfaces of teeth; and the long-tip is most effective for targeting hard-to-reach areas. Rotadent Procare is exclusively available to patients via dental professionals, making this product one of the most trustworthy.

Although the Rotadent ProCare is a solution for periodontal patients, its benefits don’t only serve that population. It is designed to treat all patient types, including orthodontic, implant, esthetic, and restorative.

To learn more about the benefits of DenMat’s Rotadent ProCare toothbrush and how it’s a great tool to help encourage patient maintenance in the office and at home, click here.



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