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A Toothbrush That’s Been Working Its Magic Through Its Thoughtful Design


The design of a brush is most important when determining its effectiveness, and Sunstar’s GUM Technique Deep Clean Toothbrush accomplishes much more than what you would expect. Its superior performance can be attributed to its unique design that sets it apart from ordinary brushes. Dental professionals want their patients to clean their teeth thoroughly while being mindful of removing plaque. This brush makes the cleaning regimen at the dentist’s office possible from home.

Much of the brush’s power is found in its bristles. They are tapered to a rounded 0.01mm end, which helps patients better clean into the sulcus and deeply along the gumline to remove hard-to-reach plaque and bacteria, ultimately preventing tooth decay and gingivitis. Because the bristles are narrower, they slide with ease into the tiny crevices that patients often cannot reach and therefore neglect. Its innovative bi-level bristle design ensures that every tooth’s surface, as well as beneath the gumline, is getting cleaned. The GUM Technique Deep Clean Toothbrush also flaunts angled bristles, which helps to thoroughly remove the plaque build up between each tooth. The advanced and forward thinking bristle design leave teeth cleaner than ever and patients do not have to work harder to accomplish this.

The grip of the brush is ideal with its patented quad-grip handle. Its advanced design makes the proper brush positioning at a 45 degree angle seamless for patients, which results in optimal gingival cleaning. Patients do not even have to think about the brush’s placement--the grip correctly does it for them. This helps the bristles to reach areas that other toothbrushes often miss.

Dental Product Shopper awarded the brush with the Evaluator's Choice Winner for Manual Brushes adding to its ethos. The brush’s progressive design makes the deep cleaning a patient receives from the dentist available from home.

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