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A Tried-and-True Approach to Routine Oral Maintenance


Using the powerful combination of scaling and root planing (SRP) and antibiotic treatment, Liz Allen, RDH, and her Wilmington, Delaware team employ a tailored and time-tested approach to routine oral maintenance. First, patients are subjected to a screening to determine the type of cleaning they need. Patients that present with 5 mm and higher pocket readings and require SRP are immediately prescribed ARESTIN, a locally-applied antibiotic used to combat the bacteria that cause periodontal disease. Allen explains, “the faster we can treat periodontal pocketing by manually scaling and administering ARESTIN, the better results the patient will experience.”

As a major component of successful periodontal care, patient education is of utmost importance to Allen and her team. All patients presenting with 5+ mm pocketing are told how ARESTIN works and how it can be readily applied during appointments. Allen says, “I haven't seen another product that works as well as ARESTIN, so I inform each patient of the success rate and that it is very comfortable to administer.”

Allen calls the results of using ARESTIN to treat periodontitis “amazing” and explains that “the majority of patients present with decreased measurements and decreased inflammation at the next visit.” Even for more severe cases, such as patients with 9+ mm pocket depth or furcation involvement, the results are promising. Though these patients may not experience significantly reduced pocket readings, Allen says, “the pocket will be cleaner and healthier and they will be able to hold on to the tooth longer.”

For Allen, SRP is the just the first step on the path to better oral health. While “SRP alone has excellent results in making a healthier oral environment and starting the patient on a course to achieving good home care,” she explains, “adding ARESTIN helps to accelerate the healing process.”

As a staple of her routine oral maintenance protocol for twelve years and counting, Allen feels that ARESTIN is irreplaceable. “I fully believe in its efficacy,” she states. “It works so well and is easy to administer with patient comfort that there is no need to inquire about anything else.”

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