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A Welcome Relief for Suction Problems


Control of moisture in the oral cavity is an essential part of dental practice though it can often prove problematic for clinicians and their patients. For professionals, use of an ejector to evacuate saliva and water means constantly maneuvering the device while trying to provide treatment. This results in lost time and an inability to fully focus on other, more pressing tasks at hand. Additionally, patient comfort and safety can be compromised, as saliva ejectors may cause choking or gagging, limit range of motion and even subject patients to dangerous “backflow” of waste, bacteria and chemicals.

Ivory® ReLeaf™ is Kulzer’s answer to these suction-related dilemmas and offers an innovative, hands-free HVE solution that benefits professionals and patients alike. Useable for many operative and hygiene applications, Ivory ReLeaf can be connected to existing dental vacuum systems in less than 60 seconds and provides evacuation, retraction and dry field maintenance. The device works in all four quadrants and supports itself by gently resting in the cheek and vestibule area of the oral cavity. This allows for 280 degrees of suction around the leaf, full view of the oral cavity and eliminates the need to move the device around. Together, Ivory ReLeaf’s unique combination of features can reportedly save up to 15 minutes of time per patient translating to hundreds of dollars in savings each day.

Beyond its contributions to workflow efficiency, Ivory ReLeaf’s ergonomic design is highly patient-friendly. The device’s disposable leaves are made from a soft latex and BPA-free polymer that feels comfortable in the patient’s mouth. Unlike other evacuators, it doesn’t obstruct the airway or reach the soft pallet, so Ivory ReLeaf is unlikely to cause gagging. Ivory ReLeaf likewise prevents backflow and subsequent choking due to excess fluid buildup—issues not uncommon with low-volume saliva ejectors. Overall, patients are given far more control during treatment, as they can freely move their heads with the device in place and better communicate their needs without interrupting suction.

To learn more about Ivory ReLeaf, read testimonials from patients and practitioners and order the device for your practice, visit Kulzer’s website.

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