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Transforming Your Dental Practice with Technology


Learn How to land new cases and finish them efficiently With AACD Virtual Campus

Every day, technology shapes and defines the world around us.

From the mobile devices we carry to the cars we drive, technological innovation enhances our connectivity, our efficiency—our lives—in countless ways. The same holds for the dental space. Exciting, new developments in dental technology are made all the time, many of which can empower clinicians to deliver higher standards of care, create better outcomes for patients, and, ultimately, grow their businesses.

Despite the attractiveness of these possibilities, for many dental professionals, implementing new technology into existing workflow poses a significant challenge. Oftentimes, practitioners are intimidated by the perceived complexity of certain technologies or the sheer number of options available for purchase.

Perhaps most commonly, cost presents the greatest barrier to adoption.

American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) Accredited Member Dr. Robert Rioseco is well aware of the myriad obstacles dentists face when attempting to integrate new technologies into their practice. As a career-long “early adopter” of new technology, Dr. Rioseco prides himself on utilizing cutting-edge solutions to drive his practice, educate fellow clinicians, and become a better, more efficient dentist. Dr. Rioseco is an avid CEREC® user and CEREC Mentor and employs the state-of-the-art CAD/CAM system to create 3D digital impressions, design custom restorative solutions, and fabricate restorations directly in-office.

In his AACD Virtual Campus course, Technology in the Dental Practice, Dr. Rioseco aims to ameliorate some of the stresses dentists experience when transforming their practices with technology. He details the “how and when” of purchasing new technology and as well as how to strategically implement new systems and techniques to ensure that the entire staff is on board. Dr. Rioseco also highlights several irreplaceable pieces of technology for cosmetic practice that enable him to consistently deliver comprehensive diagnoses and perform minimally-invasive procedures. By the course’s end, you’ll be prepared to deploy your newly-implemented technology to land new cases and finish them more efficiently and with beautiful, long-lasting dentistry.

The first lesson of this 12-lesson course can be viewed here.

If you enjoy this lesson, please visit the AACD website to become a member and access the remaining lessons and earn CE for viewing the course. As a member, you can explore the wealth of resources the Virtual Campus has to offer including courses, whitepapers, and on-demand content from AACD Scientific Sessions, with new content added every month.

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