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A New, FDA-Approved Abutment Solution for Optimal Engagement and Longevity


A New, FDA-Approved Abutment Solution for Optimal Engagement and Longevity

Serving as a supportive connector between the dental implant and prosthesis, dental abutments vary by their method of prosthetic retention—screw, cement, or attachment device—as well as the method by which they are retained to the implant fixture or body—screw-in, friction-fit, or cement. Along with recognizing the unique properties and strength levels that each type of abutment offers, it is important for clinicians to also consider the reputation of the implant component manufacturer, as well as their quality-check and production processes, before making an investment.  

arum implant Axsys Dental Solutions is now offering pre-milled, custom titanium abutment blanks and implant components from Arum Dentistry, a company that develops total dental implant CAD/CAM solutions for users worldwide. Millable on any machine, these FDA-cleared components are in full compliance with NADL recommendations. Each prosthetic component is carefully inspected not only at the surface level but at the thread, screw head, and other unseen surfaces.

“Arum pre-milled blanks are quickly being recognized for their high-fatigue strength, biocompatibility, and superior levels of engagement,” said Axsys CEO and President, Steve Braykovich. “We’re proud to offer products produced from such high-quality standards, and each of Arum prosthetic components are backed by one of the longest warranties in the industry—20 years from delivery.”

Expanding the Life of the Implant

Precision machined up to +5µm, these abutments feature an optimized interface area and are held to stringent quality standards, providing high precision and optimal levels of engagement. The precise seating of the restoration with a minimal gap around the screw provides ideal longevity for the implant. Along with a smaller gap, accurate fits prevent dissatisfaction from screws loosening or the restoration coming out of the patient’s mouth.

Leveraging more than 4 decades of CAD, CAM, and manufacturing experience across a wide variety of industries, Axsys’ dental products include a full line of CAD/CAM software, scanners, milling machines, tooling, furnaces, hard and soft materials, and FDA-cleared implant components. They also offer free support and training on digital workflow, plus the largest template library in the industry.

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