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Accurate Impressions for Every Clinical Situation


A good impression makes all the difference in restorative dentistry. Obtaining an accurate impression provides an exact record of the prepared tooth along with the area adjacent to its margins. This allows laboratory technicians to form a cast that is an exact replication of the prepared tooth and a restoration that precisely fits anatomical form and function. Common impression errors include voids, tears, air bubbles and flow problems, any of which could ultimately spell restorative failure. However, in the hands of a skilled clinician, the right impression material can keep all of these issues at bay.

AFFINITY™ Hydroactive Impression Material by Clinician’s Choice has been clinically proven to deliver consistently accurate impressions. AFFINITY possesses superior 3rd generation chemistry which combines a unique branched resin, more refined filler and an even distribution of surfactant. Together, these components imbue AFFINITY with exceptional physical properties that surpass other impression materials.

As a result of its branched resin composition, AFFINITY produces three-dimensional cross-linking. This gives it ultra-high tear strength and eliminates the risk of tearing upon removal. Due to grafted surfactant, AFFINITY has 100% cure which contributes to high tear strength and dimensional stability. Matched fluid states between wash and tray material likewise mean better capture of the preparation site. AFFINITY also allows for independent working and set times. With longer working times, dentists can syringe around multiple preparation sites. Patients benefit from AFFINITY too as its heat-activated, intraoral set time minimizes the duration that the impression stays in the mouth and mitigates discomfort.

Available in a versatile array of technique-designed viscosities, AFFINITY maximizes impression accuracy while meeting every clinical challenge. AFFINITY comes in three light body viscosities, each specially designed for use with specific techniques. In order to ensure impression accuracy, AFFINITY tray materials offer excellent flowability and prevent over-displacement of the light body material. Additionally, AFFINITY Light Body and tray materials seamlessly blend in every impression. AFFINITY Heavy Body is particularly suited for full-arch impressions while AFFINITY InFlex is ideal for impressions taken using the dual-arch technique. Most AFFINITY materials are also available in Spectrum 2-Pack Customizable Bulk Kits, so you can mix and match viscosities to complement your personal technique preferences.

AFFINITY InFlex and Light Body can be used in conjunction with Clinician’s Choice’s QUAD-TRAY® Xtreme™, a disposable, metal dual-arch tray, to capture perfect single tooth impressions. Dr. Elliot Mechanic says of the combination, it's “so fast and easy, I prefer it to my intraoral scanner.”[1]

To learn more about AFFINITY and order products for your practice, visit Clinician’s Choice’s website.

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