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For Consistent, Durable, and Accurate Impressions, Try Thermo Clone VPS


For Consistent, Durable, and Accurate Impressions, Try Thermo Clone VPS

Thermo Clone VPS Impression MaterialWhen we meet someone for the very first time, we all hope to make a good first impression. Whether we’re greeting our child’s first grade teacher, chatting with the next-door neighbor who just moved in, or interviewing for an exciting new career opportunity, we want to make an impactful first impression.

For dentists, a first impression is important when meeting a patient for the first time, but dental professionals also need to excel at another type of impression in order to keep patients satisfied – taking good impressions of the teeth the first time. After all, no patient enjoys a mouthful of gooey impression material once, let alone having to repeat the unpleasant process.

So how do you ensure an accurate impression? One important step is to select the correct impression material for the job. Featuring several different formulas for any clinical situation, Ultradent’s Thermo Clone VPS impression material is specially engineered to create precise, consistent impressions on the first try.

4 Viscosities & 2 Setting Times

Available in 4 viscosities (super light, light, medium, and heavy body) and 2 setting times (fast or regular), Thermo Clone is a premium vinyl polysiloxane impression material that produces reliable consistent outcomes. It features a patient-pleasing bubble gum scent and is available in 50-ml cartridges dispensed with a unique dynamic mixing tip or in 380-ml jumbo cartridges.

Named for its unique thermal-accelerated setting properties, Thermo Clone encourages faster intraoral setting time for improved patient comfort and reduced chair time. The material begins setting when it is placed in the patient’s mouth for a faster working time and to help prevent distortion. The super hydrophilic material adapts well to a wet environment, thixotropic properties allow the material to flow and capture essential details, and its high tear strength and dimensional stability produce reliable, consistent impressions, resulting in predictable final product rating

Evaluated by a team of Dental Product Shopper evaluators, Ultradent’s Thermo Clone VPS received a Best Product rating with an excellent score of 4.5 out of 5. Here are some highlights from that product review.

Reliable Restorations

"I took two impressions on a patient; one with a very expensive material and one with Thermo Clone VPS," said Abraham Jaskiel, DMD, who takes an average of 60 impressions per month. "By far, Thermo Clone VPS came out super accurate, while the other just made it, as opposed to being great," he said. "Thermo Clone VPS is, as of now, the best material I have ever used in 18 years, with not much effort and fast working time if you need it."

Excellent Flowability & Adequate Working and Setting Time

"I wanted something that flowed better into the sulcus without tearing, and the superlight body worked well in these indications," said Dr. Jeff Peifer, and Dr. Jaskiel said Thermo Clone worked well with the presence of saliva and bleeding. “Once it's in the mouth, the material will start setting and cut down on time our patients need to have those materials in their mouths," stated Dr. Andrew Chen. Dr. Michael Micallef said, "Thermo Clone prides itself on its setting time and, with a few patients who had gagging issues, it did the trick."

Abraham Jaskiel, DMD
"Thermo Clone VPS is the best material I have ever used in 18 years, with not much effort and fast working time if you need it."
-Abraham Jaskiel, DMD
Miami, FL


Impression Accuracy

Citing "great margin detail" as the feature she liked most, Dr. Kristin Mau said Thermo Clone was easy to work with and praised the vibrant colors and accurate detection of margins. Commenting that he needed no retakes due to marginal tears, Dr. Spencer Owades remarked, "The combination of heavy/light body makes a great impression," and Dr. Jaskiel pointed out, "For supergingival margins, this material can be better than digital impressions." Noting that he used Thermo Clone on everything from Invisalign to crown-and-bridge and implant impressions, Bennie Clark, DMD, said, "This impression material should go to the top of the go-to list when selecting polyvinyl impression material. I was surprised how it performed on the tough cases I used it on."

Several evaluators commented on the fit of the final restorations, including Dr. Todd Gottlieb, who said, "I just made my first impression, and the crown fits excellently."

Dr. Micallef said he would be adding Thermo Clone to his mix of materials, and Dr. Mau called it one of the best impression materials she has used. "Ultradent has yet another winner to add to its stable of go-to products," concluded Dr. Michael Szymanski.

Click here to read the full Dental Product Shopper evaluation of Thermo Clone VPS.

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