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Achieving Exceptional Esthetics with a Chameleon-like Composite


EvanesceAs restorative dentistry evolves, so do the expectations of patients and clinicians alike. The widespread proliferation of advanced composite materials has enabled professionals to craft restorations that not only possess remarkable physical properties but closely mimic the appearance of real teeth. Today, patients all but demand these lifelike esthetics when undergoing restorative work. With EVANESCE™, a nano-enhanced universal restorative material, Clinician’s Choice strives to meet and surpass expectations with a composite that delivers an “evanesce effect”—a seamless blend between composite and natural dentition.

Like its namesake, EVANESCE imperceptibly fades into existing tooth structure for hyper-realistic esthetics. Due to its unique formulation which optimizes the refractive index of the material’s nano-pigments and fillers, EVANESCE displays high polishability and a capacity for chameleon-like blending where margins virtually disappear. Whether facing a simple or complex case, with EVANESCE, you can achieve optimal esthetics with the application of a single shade or just a few layers of composite material.

EVANESCE’s esthetics are supported by excellent, putty-like handling. Rheological modifiers allow fluid adaptation during placement and manipulation, but the material is slump-free and will hold its form once positioned. This allows you to easily sculpt intricately detailed anatomy and place thin layers without worrying about slumping.

Strong and versatile, EVANESCE offers low shrinkage (2%) and is suitable for both anterior and posterior cases including Class I and II preparations. With a myriad of options, EVANESCE makes perfect shade-matching possible. EVANESCE is available in a spectrum of VITA shades with three opacity options: Enamel, Universal and Dentin. The material also comes in three “Enamel FX” Shades: White, Incisal and Clear along with two bleach shades for additional shade-matching precision.

To learn more about EVANESCE and order the product for your practice, visit Clinician’s Choice’s website.

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