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Add GUM Soft-Picks Advanced to Your Wish List!

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When asked if they are flossing, patients often reply: “It hurts my gums.” “It’s too hard to hold.” “It catches on my braces.” “I can’t reach the back of my mouth.” You’ve heard all those reasons, and more, why patients don’t floss. GUM Soft-Picks Advanced interproximal cleaners, the newest addition to the Sunstar Soft-Picks line, will help encourage patients to try this new approach to "flossing"—and like it.

GUM Soft-Picks Advanced have a longer, curved handle that makes them easier to hold and manipulate all the way through to the back teeth. The more than 75 synthetic rubber bristles are flexible and comfortable, tapering at the end for easy removal of any food particles, as well as plaque, in both smaller and wider spaces. The angle of the curve and the longer handle provide a more comfortable grip and more effective control of the picks while cleaning between teeth and massaging the gums. Soft-Picks Advanced also are ideal for using around orthodontic appliances, implants, bridges, and other restorations. The packaging includes an “on-the-go” case so they can be kept in a purse, briefcase, or shirt pocket.

Once patients find out how easy it is to grab one and clean between all of their teeth in a matter of seconds, whether they’re home or out enjoying a meal, they just might become much more compliant. Available in retail stores and online, it couldn’t be more convenient to dole them out for the holidays!

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