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Why I Use Admira Fusion x-tra from Voco America


Why I Use... Admira Fusion x-tra

All-ceramic-based omni-chromatic restorative material offers low shrinkage and excellent esthetics for long-lasting results

Foroud Hakim, DDS, MBA, believes that VOCO’s Admira Fusion x-tra:

•Expertly matches tooth structure through one universal shade and creates an omni-chromatic effect that draws color from the tooth itself.

•Uses nano-ORMOCER technology to offer low shrinkage, high shade stability, and wear resistance.

Admira Fusion x-tra Restorative Material Over the past few years, I’ve treated an increasing number of patients who are highly concerned with the appearance of their smile. As clinicians, we know that esthetics is just one sign of a successful restoration. So, finding a material that restores patients to both function and esthetics is essential to achieving predictable results.

As the first all-ceramic-based omni-chromatic restorative material, Admira Fusion x-tra offers me a high-quality, BPA-free material that not only fills in a single layer, but also uses a single universal shade to match the entire shade range of human dentition by drawing color from surrounding tooth structure.

The Omni-Chromatic Effect

The “nano” aspect of nano-ORMOCER technology refers to the nanohybrid filler technology that Admira Fusion x-tra uses. These fillers include 60% nanoparticulate and 40% micro and macro fillers immersed in an ORMOCER matrix. If you were to view this nanoparticulate under an electron microscope, it would appear spherical in shape with an average size of 20 to 40 nanometers. This is what dictates Admira Fusion x-tra’s interaction with light as it passes through the material.

Due to the shape and size of this nanoparticulate, Admira Fusion x-tra does not diffract or refract light. Instead, light passes through the material and comes back to the human eye influenced by the shaded tooth color around the restoration.

In addition to this unique shade-matching ability, Admira Fusion x-tra offers ideal properties, including an extremely low polymerization shrinkage rate of only 1.25%. This, along with being 84% filled by weight, increases the longevity of the restoration while offering high shade stability and excellent wear resistance.

Admira Fusion x-tra can be reliably cured in 4-mm increments. While the ability to fill a cavity—from a bicuspid to a third molar to everything in between— with a single layer of Admira Fusion x-tra is a significant advantage, the material is especially beneficial when treating the deepest preparations. In cases when I need to drop down into the mesial or distal aspect of the tooth, sometimes 5-, 6-, or 7-mm deep, it’s significantly advantageous not to have to build up in traditional 2-mm increments.

If you’re looking for a one-step, high-quality, omni-chromatic, and biocompatible restorative material that’s fast and easy to use, look no further than Admira Fusion x-tra.

Foroud Hakim, DDS, MBA

A 1991 graduate of the University of the Pacific’s Dugoni School of Dentistry, Dr. Hakim has balanced private practice and dental education for more than two decades in the San Francisco Bay Area. He is former Vice Chair of the Department of Integrated Reconstructive Dental Sciences at Dugoni and is a clinic director in the Esthetics, Implant and Complex Care Clinic. Dr. Hakim has lectured nationally and internationally on topics ranging from technology, esthetic dentistry, occlusion, smile design, CAD/CAM, photography, and adhesive and composite dentistry. He has several publications and has authored two chapters in the 2010 text, Esthetic Dentistry in Clinical Practice  from Blackwell Publishing.

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