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Advancing Geriatric Dental Care with a Pair of Bioactive Restoratives


Advancing Geriatric Dental Care with a Pair of Bioactive Restoratives

America is aging. According to a report from Oral Health America, 19% of the US population will be 65 years or older by 2030, a figure which represents a 46% increase from 2010. Taking this projection into account, it becomes clear that dentists will have to make a concerted effort to better understand and accommodate the unique needs of this growing age group. One significant trend worth noting among today’s elderly dental patients is that geriatric dental care no longer equates to “denture care.” Edentulism, or total adult tooth loss, has had a massive drop over the years, and, as of 2012, only 4.9% of adults are afflicted. This can, in large part, be attributed to advancements in preventive care and better workplace dental insurance.[1] With more patients 65 and up keeping their teeth and living active, social lifestyles, that means more demand for esthetic restorations. And, for older patients in particular, gingival recession and age-related teeth darkening are common restorative challenges in need of addressing.


Shofu Dental Corporation provides solutions to the problems facing geriatric patients with Beautifil II Gingiva and FIT SA, a pair of composite materials that feature the manufacturer’s clinically-proven bioactive Giomer Technology. Thanks to specially engineered filler particles that release and recharge six helpful ions, Giomer Technology delivers bioactive and therapeutic benefits including anti-bacterial/anti-plaque capabilities and acid neutralization. Giomer materials’ efficacy was proven via an independent eight-year clinical research study in which patient restorations displayed a 100% retention rate, intact esthetics, no secondary caries, no failures, and no post-operative sensitivity.[2] Beautifil II Gingiva and FIT SA not only facilitate effective and esthetic restorative treatments, but offer health benefits that will serve patients through their golden years.


Beautifil II Gingiva bioactive composites can predictably restore severe gingival recession and other defects in geriatric patients, biologically, structurally, and esthetically—without the need for surgery. Each of the available shades can be blended and layered to produce custom shade options that address virtually every patient’s clinical and cosmetic needs. As explained in a recent testimony, New Albany, Ohio dentist Andrew E. Skasko, DDS has used Beautifil II PINK and WHITE (complementary shade sets designed for gingiva and enamel repair respectively) to great effect in his private practice. He says that the products “far exceeded” his expectations in every regard, and calls them a “game-changer” for creating Class V restorations and treating previously underserved patients with Miller Class III and IV gingival recession. According to Dr. Skasko, gingival restorations using Beautifil II Gingiva shades still look “amazing” and show no signs of debonding two years after treatment. Patients also reported total satisfaction with their treatment outcomes. Moreover, Dr. Skasko praised the performance of Giomer Technology, noting reduced plaque accumulation, gingival inflammation, and the absence of root sensitivity.[3]


With ideal handling for precision placement alongside high bond strength for reliable adhesion, FIT SA makes technique-sensitive bonding a thing of the past. FIT SA is a nanohybrid bioactive self-adhesive flowable composite ideal for use in liner, small Class I (PRR), Class III, Class V, and other non-load-bearing restorations. The material offers superior strength, polishability, and esthetics thanks to a unique filler structure that combines the light transmission and diffusion properties of dentin and enamel. The result is an exceptionally realistic restoration that seamlessly blends in with surrounding dentition and simplifies shade-matching on darker-colored teeth common to geriatric patients. FIT SA also creates a chemical bond as well as resin tag infiltration, qualities that maximize adhesion and eliminate the need for a bonding agent, in turn, minimizing inventory and time spent chairside. FIT SA is available in 2.2g syringes in two viscosities: low flow (F03) and high flow (F10). Like Beautifil II Gingiva, FIT SA’s inclusion of Giomer Technology supplies bioactive benefits unavailable in other restorative materials, and helps ensure the health and satisfaction of your older patients. 


To learn more about Beautifil II Gingiva, FIT SA, and other restorative solutions for all of your patients, visit Shofu's website.


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