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AimRight the first time!


My dentist, who knows I’m a bit of a dental nerd, likes to tell me what new technologies he’s picked up or has been investigating since my last visit. My latest appointment involved updating my x-rays, using his newest digital x-ray machine (which shall remain anonymous!). When the hygienist swung the tubehead around to aim it at my cheek, she snapped on some colorful plastic thingamajigs, placed the sheathed sensor in its holder and then in my mouth, adjusted her aim a tiny bit, dashed out of the room, hit “take x-ray” somewhere out of sight, stepped back in, checked the monitor to verify it was a perfect shot, and boom, it was done! Compared to the old days, there was a noticeable lack of fumbling around trying to get everything lined up just right.

I can’t answer whether my dentist uses a certain brand of holders, but did want to find out more about them when I got home. AimRight holders, from Dentsply Sirona, are designed to optimize sensor placement, maximize comfort for patients with their rounded edges and corners, and are color coded for quick and intuitive placement. They are available in either an autoclavable or disposable (adhesive) system. Both systems feature a universal aiming ring with a unique integrated arm and bitetab design for simple assembly and exact positioning. The "adhesive" system has a patented minimalist design that ensures comfort and convenience without adding any bulk to sensor dimensions. It can be used in multiple configurations to accommodate big mouths, little mouths, and the various structures of oral cavity that walk into your office. Being disposable obviously eliminates cleanup and changeover time. And remember, AimRight holders must always be used with sensor sheaths.

As far as I’m concerned, any technology that reduces the amount of time the x-ray sensor is in my mouth while it provides easy, repeatable positioning for the hygienist as well as stellar final results for my dental record is fine by me!

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