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Alleviate the Burden of Bur Management


Modern dental offices are equipped with an array of burs suited for any number of procedures. These tools come in many different sizes, shapes and grits and must be reprocessed between each procedure—sterilized, organized and stored before they can be used again. While the expense of purchasing these tools can certainly add up, managing them often comes at a heavy cost as well. Without an adequate management system, practices waste valuable time every day handling and reprocessing burs.

Shofu Dental Corporation aims to alleviate the burden of bur management with BurButler™, a fully-autoclavable silicone bur block. BurButler securely holds all burs in place without the risk of dumping or spilling. The block features a unique, starburst hole design with reverse fluting which ensures that burs remain in place through disinfection and autoclaving. Inserting and removing burs is easy and the silicone block will never magnetize or rust. With a high-temperature resistant silicone base, no moving parts or replacement plugs, BurButler is built to last, retaining its durability and integrity even after repeated sterilization.

BurButler is ideal for all shanks and can readily fit FG, CA, HP and short shanks. This allows you to freely mix and match burs to accommodate any procedure or workflow. 5-, 10- and 25-hole blocks are available, with an optional tall lid for the 25-hole base to fit HP burs. BurButler’s secure lid permits clear viewing and safety and can be removed with just one hand. The lid can also be used as a base during procedures to discard used rotary instruments. Available in five colors, BurButler keeps instrument management simple, organized and efficient.

To learn more about BurButler and order the product for your practice, visit Shofu’s website.

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