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An Award for Helping Patients Beat ‘the Beast’ of Gum Disease


Perio Protect's Orkos Award Goes To....

Dr. Brian Daub and team accepting Perio Protect Orkos Award Each year, Perio Protect presents the Orkos Award to honor dental practitioners in the U.S. and Canada who have demonstrated professional excellence in treatment for gum disease—periodontitis or gingivitis—with a case study report.

The winners this year are Dr. Brian Daub and hygienist Melinda Evans at Perfect Teeth — Frank Lloyd Wright in Scottsdale, AZ. The pair demonstrated professional excellence in treatment of periodontal disease with a case study report that documented significantly improved clinical outcomes for a patient after treatment.

The patient in the case is like many with gum disease. She had a long history of disease treatment, including regular 3-month maintenance visits, but struggles to maintain healthy conditions. Despite localized antibiotic therapies, the disease persisted.

Dr. Daub and Evans recommended prescription Perio Trays (Perio Protect).

The trays are custom fabricated according to individual patient conditions and are used at home in 15-minute increments, to deliver medication deep under the gums. Dr. Daub also prescribed Perio Gel (QNT Anderson) with 1.7% hydrogen peroxide to be used in the trays. The patient went home June 23 with instructions to use the system for 15 minutes, 3 times a day for 2 weeks.

By her next appointment, July 7, bleeding was reduced from 101 to 7 sites and deep pockets decreased from 37% to just 2%.

The patient was asked to incorporate the trays into her regular homecare, once per day for 15 minutes. 

At Perfect Teeth — Frank Lloyd Wright, we present Perio Protect trays to all qualifying patients based on a diagnostic profile of need,” said Dr. Daub. “The sense of gratitude, and the hope and confidence that Perio Tray patients express is so rewarding. Most periodontal maintenance patients are stagnating, merely maintaining conditions and not improving,” said Dr. Daub. “We have found that this product has given us clinical reward. Patients have also experienced emotional satisfaction, and for the first time they have beaten the beast!”

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