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An Opportunity for Endodontists to Fine-Tune Referrals


“Come check us out for your next root canal,” isn’t exactly an effective marketing pitch. It’s why endodontists rely greatly on referred cases.

I recently came across a TED Talks playlist called “the power of asking.” The description read, “These talks reveal that some things are more within your grasp than you may think, especially if you ask.” In dentistry, getting referrals, which is essentially asking for business, requires an existing relationship with general dentists. It also requires good rapport with new patients and your team. 

With the needs of endodontists and their teams in mind, Spear Education developed the 2.5-day “Mastering the Exceptional Specialist Practice – Endodontists” workshop, which is hosted at the Spear Campus in Scottsdale, AZ.

The workshop syllabus is comprised of 3 growth pillars:

1. Expanding and strengthening relationships with referring doctors.

Quantity matters but so does quality in referred cases. Spear instructors will help your practice implement a system to increase both, with a focus on building trust, aligning clinically, and improving communication. More informed patients means more case acceptance.

2. Developing your team for growth.

Whether your goal is to increase revenue, spend fewer days in the office, or both, team efficiency is crucial, yet not easy to obtain. If your goal is growth, it’s only possible when the right staff members focus on the right priorities. Spear faculty will teach participants how endodontists and their teams can work more efficiently in the practice.

3. Build leadership skills.

Leading your team to greater efficiency and growth is its own skill set. Spear faculty helps you create a clear vision for your practice and align your team to those goals. You’ll learn how to mentor peers to raise the standard of care and patient education in your local community.

To help attendees get the most from this workshop, Spear offers courses to watch before you arrive. They’ll become available as the workshop dates, Aug. 1-3 and Oct. 17-19, get closer. Workshop attendees have the opportunity to earn 17.5 CE credits, and tuition covers the dentist and one team member. Additional dentists from the same practice can attend at a reduced rate.

Spear also recognizes that sometimes it can be challenging to implement what you learned from a workshop. Post-course resources are available to help endodontists implement what they learned into their practice.

Don’t let this opportunity of a highly specialized master workshop pass you by. To learn more about the workshop schedule and instructors, visit Spear Education’s website

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