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Are you using the safest suction handpieces?


When you think about products that are safer now than when they were first released to the market, you may think of cars, power tools or even playground equipment. But if you’re a clinician, you’ll want to think about high volume evacuation valves and saliva ejectors, too.

Most HVEs and saliva ejector options currently on the market are made of aluminum, and as such are not autoclavable after each use.

But the products in the BullFrog Expert line from Hager Worldwide are 100 percent stainless steel, making them able to withstand repeated autoclaving, so they’re safe to reuse, patient after patient.

In fact, Hager Worldwide points out that autoclaving suction handpieces after every patient is actually required in VA military dental facilities. Unlike aluminum models, the Expert line meets this requirement. What’s more, autoclaving after each patient is also a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention general recommendation for patient safety. Doing so is one small step you can take to help your patients feel confident that you are prioritizing their health.

Not only are these HVEs and saliva ejectors autoclavable, they’re also well-made and are safe to use during procedures that require sodium hypochlorite. Products in the Bullfrog Expert line have a sleek ergonomic body for better grip and balance as well as a innovative metal lever for smooth action opening and closing. Plus, the Expert HVEs and saliva ejectors have a 360-degree swivel capability with quick-disconnect and are compatible with all dental holders.

The line includes a short, medium and long HVE, and there are two options for saliva ejectors—with and without a silicone tip, and all come with a five-year warranty, so you can feel confident in your purchase.

Looking to learn more about the BullFrog Expert series? Hager Worldwide will be displaying products at the Chicago Midwinter Meeting February 21-23 at booth No. 1830. You can also learn more anytime about Hager Worldwide’s products at

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