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Automating Draining and Filling in Your Sterilization Center? There's a Better Way


In an age of prolific technology, everyone gravitates towards automation. There’s often an app for that—except when there’s not. Some processes in dentistry still rely on manual labor and maintenance, even when the technology is in place. Take, for instance, your sterilization center. Basic maintenance of these systems is essential to their proper function as well as to staff and patient safety. However, the phrase "work smarter, not harder" comes into play. There is definitely an opportunity for automation that can make sterilization routines easier.

Automation of steri-center operations is the topic of a new e-book by SciCan, a provider of infection control solutions. According to the manufacturer, using smarter products saves money by making practices more efficient, freeing your staff’s time to attend to more valuable tasks.


For instance, are you still buying and storing bottled distilled water for your steam sterilizers? There’s a better way, according to SciCan. The manufacturer’s VistaPure system connects to the city water supply to produce 2 grades of high-purity water for everywhere it’s needed in the steri-center. The autoclave-ready, zero-TDS (total dissolved solids) water eliminates the need to buy distilled water or to own a distiller, and the hyper-filtered water ensures high-purity water for filling dental bottles, for use in ultrasonic cleaners, and for the rinse cycle of instrument washers.

VistaPure’s patented AutoFill accessories replenish SciCan STATIM and BRAVO autoclaves with distilled-quality water, enabling hands-free convenience. AutoFill accessory kits work with all VistaPure systems and can be used with any new or older-model STATIM 2000 or STATIM 5000 or any BRAVO autoclave.

Using high-purity water for the final-rinse cycle of an instrument washer rinses away mineral content that could otherwise contribute to spotting and oxidation. The VistaPure Instrument Washer Adapter Kit protects expensive instruments by providing high-purity water for the final rinse cycle of instrument washers like SciCan’s HYDRIM. The staff saves time because instruments properly rinsed with high-purity water don’t need to be wiped down manually, eliminating the need for reprocessing. The use of cassettes in the instrument processing flow also reduces the possibility of injury. 

After a few sterilization cycles, the wastewater bottle would typically have to be emptied in a manual process. Those days are over with VistaCool, a patent-pending system that cools sterilizer wastewater and sends it directly down the drain automatically. Automating the handling of hot wastewater not only protects your staff, but also your cabinets and plumbing.

Of course, appliances like sterilizers, instrument washers, water purification systems, ultrasonic cleaners, and others require drain connections. SciCan’s Drain Hub is a patent-pending multi-port drain adapter that accepts up to 8 drain connections in a small hub.

So while there may not yet be "an app for that" to complete the entire sterilization process, there are definitely solutions to help make your routine easier.

For more information on products that can automate your steri-center, visit or contact your local SciCan Infection Control Specialist.

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