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Avoid Impression Distortion and Costly Retakes


Avoid Impression Distortion and Costly Retakes

Quad Tray Xtreme Impression Tray In life, the memory can be both a blessing and a curse. We love to remember the good times, but the bad…not so much. When it comes to taking impressions in dentistry, memory is never a good thing. Unfortunately, some impression trays, typically those made of plastic, have a memory that causes them to revert to their original shape when removed from the mouth. This causes a slight distortion in the impression that ultimately translates to the final crown or bridge.

Trays that are made of metal don’t have this memory—their inherent stiffness prevents bending and they do not exhibit rebound upon removal. A good example is the Quad-Tray® Xtreme™ from Clinician’s Choice®, which was designed specifically to prevent impression distortion. These disposable, dual-arch impression trays are made from rigid aluminum that does not distort when placed intraorally or upon removal, helping to eliminate retakes and excessive occlusal adjustment.

That quality is what Dental Product Shopper evaluators loved most about the Quad-Tray Xtreme when they tested it in their practices. “There was no distortion upon removal, and no remakes were necessary whenever this tray was used,” one of the evaluators remarked.

Wider Arch + Lower Walls = Accuracy

Another favorite characteristic of the Quad-Tray Xtreme is the wide arch, which prevents the burn-through that’s often seen with plastic trays. Burn-through occurs when a patient’s tooth makes contact with the tray wall, resulting in a distorted impression. Dentists using Quad-Tray Xtreme appreciate the greater width that prevents this contact with the dentition.

Once you’ve eliminated memory and burn-through, is there anything else that could go wrong with impressions? Yes—palatal impingement and the axial role of the tray wall. With the lower sidewalls of the Quad-Tray Xtreme, those common problems are avoided. The slightly shortened lingual wall prevents impingement on the lingual of the anterior teeth, especially in smaller mouths, and a thin distal bar prevents retro molar pad impingement.

Easily Customize & Reduce Waste

The Quad-Tray Xtreme is customizable, so if it winds up being too wide for a patient with a smaller arch, it can be easily narrowed by gently squeezing the sides of the tray until the desired width is achieved. That feature has an added bonus—when you customize to the desired arch width, you wind up using the optimal amount of impression material and avoid waste.

In dentistry, there are few things more frustrating than getting an ill-fitting restoration back from the lab. Fortunately, countless dentists have been able to rely on the time-proven and evaluator-tested Quad-Tray Xtreme for unparalleled accuracy and ease of use.

Wondering just how easy the trays are to use?  Check out the clinical technique here.

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