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Award-Winning Products Trust by Your Dental Colleagues


Braided RollsYou probably receive a lot of advice and suggestions about products you should bring into your practice. Some of it comes from trusted sales reps and some of it comes directly from manufacturers. But which recommendations do you place the most value on? Your fellow dental professionals, right? They’re the ones who really understand your day-to-day experience—providing excellent care, maintaining staff morale, running a business. So, when one of them says, “You really should try this product. It’s saving me time. My patients and staff like it and it’s affordable,” you’re going to listen. And those words will hold weight the next time you’re thinking about integrating a new product into your workflow.

Think about some of the products you use every day. They may be adequate, but maybe you’ve been wishing you could find something better. If a colleague told you about braided cotton rolls she just tried, you’d probably take the time to listen and learn more. Here’s an opportunity to do that right now.

Two Richmond Dental & Medical products have been reviewed by Dental Product Shopper evaluators and both received Best Product scores. That got your attention, right?

Some of the comments from your colleagues about Richmond’s Braided Cotton Rolls include:

“Excellent adaptability and great absorption, especially under the tongue.”

“Saved time, improved access.”

“Fewer cotton rolls can be used due to the greater absorbency and shape retention.”

In the evaluation of Richmond’s 100% Cotton Nonwoven Sponges, dentist evaluators had this to say:

“The…non-shredding or non-sticking aspect makes this a two thumb-ups product.”

“It is very soft and thick and absorbent. I loved it and would order it again.”

“Little to no fibers remained after wiping instruments during use.”

Dental Product Shopper evaluations aren’t the only places where Richmond Dental & Medical products shine. Their products also have received accolades from Dental Advisor and the Dentistry Today.

The bottom line? Put your trust in products that are trusted by your fellow professionals.

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