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Low Abrasivity & pH Neutralization of Baking Soda Toothpaste


Low Abrasivity & pH Neutralization of Baking Soda Toothpaste

arm & hammer logoAs I stand in the toothpaste aisle at a department store and stare at all the different brands and formulas promising to treat x, y, and z, I find myself overwhelmed with the options. Not only are there several different brands of toothpaste, but each brand boasts several varieties of pastes to help with tooth sensitivity, maintain whitening treatments, strengthen enamel, freshen breath, and innumerable combinations of these properties. The options seem endless, and too many choices can be overwhelming. I’m sure many consumers have similar questions when considering what toothpaste to purchase.

As a dental professional, you can help patients narrow down the options by recommending a toothpaste that meets their exact needs. One company that seems to have a toothpaste formula for every situation is Church & Dwight, the brainpower behind ARM & HAMMER baking soda-based toothpaste.

Using the natural benefits of baking soda, the ARM & HAMMER toothpaste line includes pastes for whitening, healthy gums, enamel strengthening, and tooth sensitivity, along with multiple other combinations. No matter what specific toothpaste you need, all ARM & HAMMER toothpastes are powered by baking soda and are gentle on the teeth. The low abrasion properties won’t damage enamel, and the formula neutralizes harmful acids before they damage teeth.

Low Abrasivity

Sensitive teeth and gums toothpasteAbrasive ingredients in toothpaste help remove plaque and stains from teeth and help reduce the risk for periodontal disease and dental caries, according to an article published for Dental Learning, Dentifrice Ingredients: Guide to Patient-Specific Recommendations. However, the level of abrasivity in a toothpaste (dentrifice) needs to be balanced so that it’s high enough to clean tooth surfaces but low enough so it doesn’t damage enamel, dentin, roots, or gingival tissue in the cleaning process. By including baking soda as a main ingredient, ARM & HAMMER toothpastes seem to have found that balance. In fact, the Dental Learning article says that sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is considered by some experts to be the most multifunctional of all abrasives used in dentifrices because it has a hardness similar to dentin, aids in plaque removal, and contains antibacterial properties.

Acid Neutralization

Advance Whitening toothpasteIt’s important to neutralize harmful acids before they cause damage to teeth, and having an alkaline pH like that in baking soda helps with the neutralization process, especially after exposure to sucrose, according to the Dental Learning article. A study published in JADA concluded that toothpaste containing baking soda rapidly neutralizes acids. “The acid neutralization of dental biofilm by using fluoride dentifrice that contains baking soda has potential for helping counteract modern high-sugar diets by rapidly neutralizing biofilm-generated acid, especially in people with hyposalivation,” the study reports.

By adding baking soda to their ARM & HAMMER toothpastes, Church & Dwight ensures that the paste will be gentle on the teeth and neutralize acids before they turn into plaque and caries.

Check out their website for all the toothpaste options.

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