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Balancing Comfort and Ergonomic Posture


As an indispensable tool in a clinician’s arsenal, a quality loupe is best served by a frame of the same caliber. However, eyewear in general, can be cumbersome, causing discomfort for the user due to poor construction or fit. After extended use, ill-fitting or poorly designed loupe frames can result in poor posture and even back and neck pain or headaches. Orascoptic, a leading name in vision solutions for dental and medical professionals, seeks to alleviate some of these challenges with ErgoEdge™, the latest addition to their innovative line of custom-engineered frames.

Specifically built as a platform for loupes, ErgoEdge™ is a lightweight sports frame designed to let the user achieve their personal balance of comfort and posture. The frame’s adjustable features include flexible temple arms, allowing the frame to conform comfortably to the user’s head without affecting the alignment of the oculars. Most notably, ErgoEdge gives the user the ability to fine-tune the declination angle of their loupes using Orascoptic’s ComforTilt™ technology—a first for through-the-lens frames. The declination angle can be moved up or down five degrees right in the office, meaning clinicians don’t have to be without their loupes to make this adjustment.

ErgoEdge also has an adjustable nose pad that can be moved up and down in addition to being spread or compressed. This allows you to match the nose pad to your facial geometry for a precise, comfortable fit. For added security, ErgoEdge comes with a head strap that clips directly into the temple tips. Available in six colors and two sizes, ErgoEdge supports a wide range of prescription types and a variety of loupe options.

To learn more about ErgoEdge and schedule an in-office product demo, visit Orascoptic’s website.

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