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Take Battery-Powered Brushing for a Spin


Take Battery-Powered Brushing for a Spin

Regular floss or floss picks? In-office or take-home whitening? Brush before or after flossing? These are just some topics that prompt debate among dental professionals. While dentists and hygienists may have differing opinions on many subjects, they all agree that people should brush their teeth for two minutes twice a day with a fluoride toothpaste, as recommended by the ADA.

dual spinbrush from church and dwight But what cleans better – a manual or powered toothbrush? While both manual and powered toothbrushes are effective at removing plaque, in some cases it makes sense for a person to use a powered toothbrush. For example, patients with arthritis or problems with dexterity may not be able to perform the motions necessary to brush effectively with a manual toothbrush. With a powered toothbrush, the bristles do the work for you.

But not all patients can afford a powered toothbrush, which normally costs considerably more than a manual toothbrush. To promote healthy brushing and good dental hygiene habits at an affordable price, Church & Dwight introduced its ARM & HAMMER Spinbrush line, a cost-effective alternative to higher priced powered toothbrushes.

Available in sizes for kids and adults, the battery-powered Spinbrush features a patented dual-action brush head which removes 70% more plaque than a manual toothbrush, according to the manufacturer. The circular upper head oscillates to clean and polish, while the lower brush head features fixed bristles that move up and down to help scrub away plaque and massage the gumline.

oscillating head
Available in a variety of colors, each brush features an ergonomically designed handle for ideal fit, comfort, and control. Batteries are included with each purchase and can be easily replaced with standard AA batteries, with no need for a bulky charger.

At a cost of under $10, the Spinbrush for adults comes in 7 different options - Spinbrush Classic Clean, Spinbrush Pro Clean, Spinbrush Pro+ Deep Clean, Spinbrush Pro White, Spinbrush Pro+ Gum Health, Spinbrush Pro+ Extra White, and Spinbrush Sonic Pulse. To keep the toothbrush cleaning like new, affordable replacement heads are available for the Pro Clean, Pro White, and Pro+ models.

For a superior clean that patients can afford, check out all the Spinbrush options that can help your patients maintain a healthy oral health care routine.

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