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Be First in Intraoral Imaging


In watching the evolution of technology within dentistry that enables dentists and their staff to be far more productive than ever and provide better care for their patients, advancements move at light speed. The ideal technology should begin with improved patient communication, which then leads to many other clinical opportunities for both clinicians and patients. Many daily procedures require loupes or a microscope together with a mirror to observe the areas requiring treatment, but with ACTEON’s Sopro 717 First intraoral camera, clinicians can go beyond the limits of human vision without any additional equipment.

Macrovision is the major advantage offered by the SOPRO 717 First as it extends past the limitations of the human eye, giving a magnified view of up to 115 times.

The SOPRO 717 First provides sharp color images in any of its 3 fixed focus modes. Features include 8 powerful LEDs, a roof prism for a non-inverted image, SoproTouch freeze-frame capability, and a small distal component for patient comfort even in tight areas of the mouth.

The sleek innovative design incorporates an extremely thin distal part for better access along with a highly ophisticated optical system providing exceptional image quality. The intraoral cameras’ great depth of field means you obtain a sharp image in seconds no matter which mode is chosen. Ideal illumination is achieved with 8 LEDs.

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