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Belmont Equipment Introduces New Website


Purchasing equipment for the operatory can seem like a daunting task. Throughout the process, you may ask yourself questions like “Am I buying the right product?”, “Is this product better than that product?”, and “When will I see a profit from my purchase?”. Buyer’s remorse, or worse, getting stuck with unreliable equipment, can be the final straw that breaks a business. It’s important to make an informed decision with the right product information to stay ahead of the curve, save money, and ultimately succeed in your business.

Belmont has introduced an all new website, packed with information and photos to make equipment purchasing much easier, all tied together with a new look and feel overall. Browse through all of Belmont’s products, which include chairs, delivery systems, lights, x-rays, and cabinetry, and furnish an entire operatory all in one place.

Some key features that the new Belmont website will provide:

  • Interactive Design Center: Become your own personal interior designer with the new Design Center. Choose products, customize colors and materials, and create an operatory that matches your personal aesthetic. Once complete, a summary of the selections is provided for future reference or to quickly order through your preferred dental dealer.
  • Engaging Product Pages: Get in-depth information on the entire Belmont product line. Each page provides high quality photography to supplement the list of features that the product offers. Additionally, an interactive feature photo equipped with call-outs can be found for easy reference.
  • Organized Resources Library: Access product brochures and other documents for current Belmont products. Retired products are also represented to help with continuing support of troubleshooting and operations manuals.
  • Curated Content: This new section offers all-things Belmont, filled with articles found in the industry and self-created content such as blog posts and press releases. A calendar of trade shows is available to keep the dental community updated on where they can meet the sales team and test out Belmont products, up-close and personal.
  • Detailed About Us: Learn more about Belmont as a company throughout the site, including a message from the company’s chairman, Mr. Hidetaka Yoshikawa, offering his perspective on the top values that Belmont strives to deliver to its customers.

Belmont’s redesigned website helps keeps true to their core value of creating durable, top quality equipment backed up by longevity and reliability. The new website, packed with interactive and informative features, pushes Belmont to succeed in providing support throughout every stage of the purchasing process.

Discover the new Belmont by visiting

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