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Bifix Temp: Easy to Mix, Handle, and Remove


Fifteen million people in the United States have crown and bridge replacements for missing teeth, according to the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. Most often, it is necessary for patients to wear temporaries while final restorations are being fabricated. VOCO America’s Bifix line, which includes Bifix SE, a self-etching resin cement, and Bifix QM, a dual-cured resin cement, also offers Bifix Temp, a dual-cure resin-based temporary cement designed to be used for crowns and bridges.

Highly esthetic temporaries that won’t fall out are what patients expect. Bifix Temp has a white translucent shade for high esthetics, is strong enough to secure long-term temporaries, and can be removed effortlessly when it’s time to seat the final restoration. Bifix Temp is dual-cure so it sets fast, but it can be tack cured to soften again. Removing excess material is easy in the light- and chemical-cure modes, as well as the tack-cure mode. It has a 5-µm film thickness, so there will be no “jack ups” of temporaries. And it’s short mixing tip results in less waste. Dental Product Shopper evaluators described it as easy to mix, handle, clean up, and remove. To read the evaluators comments, click here. For more information on Bifix Temp, click here.

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