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Bioactive Giomer Technology: The Better Choice in Dental Materials


Bioactive Giomer Technology—the better choice

As restorative dental treatments and technology have evolved, so too have the expectations of practitioners and informed patients.

While a reactive approach was once taken to treat dental disease, today, many dentists have made the shift towards a preventive and conservative model. This approach uses advanced restorative materials that exceed esthetics alone—they also interact with and support biological tissue. Bioactive dental materials, as they are called, can help strengthen patient tooth structure for improved treatment outcomes, patient satisfaction and better overall health.

Giomer LogoShofu Dental Corporation’s Giomer Technology is a groundbreaking development in bioactive technology. The term “Giomer” refers to any product incorporating Shofu’s proprietary Surface Pre-Reacted Glass (S-PRG) filler particles. These pre-reacted multifunctional fluoro-boro-alumino-silicate glass particles are surrounded by a glass-ionomer phase and are trapped within a polyacid matrix. Giomer Technology actively release six beneficial ions: fluoride, strontium, borate, aluminum, silicate and sodium. Together, these ions help strengthen teeth and boost caries resistance by inhibiting plaque and neutralizing acid.

Giomer Technology combines the capabilities of glass ionomer chemistry—including sustained ion release and recharge—with the physical, mechanical and esthetic properties of a nano-hybrid material.

The result is a versatile selection of restorative products that exemplify the amazing clinical benefits of bioactive technology. In an eight-year clinical research study, Shofu’s Giomer Technology displayed a 100% retention rate, intact esthetics, no secondary caries, no failures and no post-operative sensitivity.[1]

Available products with bioactive Giomer Technology inside include nano-hybrid composites (packable, flowable, bulks), cement and adhesive systems, along with a sealant and light-cured varnish. Bioactive Giomer Technology—the better choice.

To learn more about Giomer Technology products and order them for your practice, visit Shofu’s website.


[1] Gordan VV, Mondragon E, Watson RE, Garvan C, Mjör IA. A clinical evaluation of a self-etching primer and a giomer restorative material: results at eight years. J Am Dent Assoc. 2007;138(5):621–627

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