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BISCO Delivers Promise of 'Truly Universal' Bonding Agent


While much attention is given to the digital evolution of dentistry over the last several years, the “cosmetic revolution” brought about by advancements in adhesive technology can’t be overshadowed.

The year was 1955 when Dr. Michael Buonocore first discovered that he could adhere to enamel using acid. Today’s bonding agents have only mild acidity, MDP monomers for enhanced durability, and low film thickness, allowing the adhesive to readily flow into etched surfaces for both chemical and mechanical sealing—a revolution indeed!

The year 2012 marked a product paradigm shift with the introduction of universal adhesives marketed as single-bottle solutions. Were they the answer to streamlining and simplifying the bonding process? At the time, that was the question Dr. Bob Gallegos wanted to explore in an article for Spear Education.

“The term universal is being used in three main ways,” Dr. Gallegos explained. “One refers to the capability of these adhesives to adhere by different application methods, namely self-etch, total-etch or selective-enamel etch. Another is the capability to be used with all light-, dual- and self-cure materials. The last is the ability to adhere to all common dental substrates, including direct and indirect restorations and repairs.”

Dr. Gallegos went on to note differences in how the products accomplished compatibility with dual- and self-cure materials, noting that some materials required an activator. In fact, of the 3 materials he tested, only one was available for total-etch and self-etch and also did not require the use of an activator. That product was BISCO’s ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL.

The Distinction

BISCO has long described ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL as “the first truly universal dental adhesive”  because as noted by one Dental Product Shopper evaluator, Dr. Abraham Jaskiel, “one material does it all.” ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL is an etchant, primer, and adhesive all in a one-bottle system with no activator required.

In 2012, BISCO submitted ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL for an independent DPS evaluation, and the product was awarded a “Best Product” rating for its versatility, ease of use, reliability, and the virtual lack of postoperative sensitivity. Years later, many of the original evaluators were still using the product and confirmed that that the hydrophobic formula delivered on its promise of durability. The “simplicity of the 1-bottle system” was the highest-rated feature, scoring 4.8 out of 5 points. This speaks to the value of a product that makes a dentist’s work life a bit easier.

“I haven’t had any fractures, and I have confidence that this adhesive really works,” Dr. Jaskiel commented.

Another differentiator was ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL’s ability to reduce postoperative sensitivity. “The no-etch adhesives I used before regularly caused postop sensitivity,” Dr. Jaskiel said. “As soon as I started using ALL-BOND UNIVERSAL, the incidence of sensitivity decreased dramatically.”

When considering the switch to universal adhesives, it’s important to weigh your options, as this product will become a workhorse in your practice for a variety of procedures. Consider if the product is truly a one-bottle system for your workflow, and remember that you don’t have to settle for less.

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