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BISCO Direct Restoratives Anchor DPS ‘Best Products’ Issue


The March “Best Products” issue of Dental Product Shopper reads like a greatest hits compilation for various manufacturers, especially those companies that make products in the issue’s featured categories of direct restorations and cosmetic dentistry. Considering that in one issue, BISCO has a 6-page Best Products feature and an Early Adopters feature on the recently released Reveal HD Bulk, March may very well be the “best of BISCO.”

Reveal HD Bulk is a light-cured, high-strength composite that fills the void without compromising on strength, shrinkage, or depth of cure. Like all of BISCO’s products, it comes down to excellent chemistry. The proprietary HD Filler Technology provides a smooth application process without compromising on other features.

Johan Figuiera, DDS, is an early adopter of Reveal HD Bulk and commented on the material’s workability. He said, “Working with Reveal HD Bulk, you avoid the time- and technique-intensive nature of multiple-layer restorations, and the challenges faced with ensuring that all composite layers combine properly and adapt well to each other and to cavity walls—without producing porosities and voids.”

Another early adopter, Shannon Roberts, DDS, said, “The best part about [Reveal HD Bulk] is that you only need one layer and one round of the curing light. In addition to gaining back time, applying fewer composite layers means there's less opportunity for bonding surfaces to become contaminated between placements, causing restorations to potentially fail."

Dr. Roberts added that Reveal HD Bulk is markedly different from past products she has used because it allows her to contour the restoration prior to curing. “I anticipate Reveal HD Bulk will outperform other bulk-fill composite resins,” she concluded.

While Reveal HD Bulk hasn’t yet been evaluated by the Dental Product Shopper team, it would join a prestigious lineup of direct restorative products that have been and were subsequently awarded the “Best Product” designation. These products include:

-> All-Bond Universal – A true universal bonding agent that can be used with all direct and indirect restorations, and in total-, self-, and selective-etch procedures without requiring a separate activator.

-> CORE-FLO DC – a dual-cured, flowable core buildup material recognized for its ease of use and handling. 

-> CORE-FLO DC Lite – similar to DC, but offering a lower viscosity and easier extrusion while maintaining all of the original material’s clinically proven features and benefits. 

-> Select HV Etch – a 35% phosphoric acid etch used in both selective and total-etch situations.

Learn more about BISCO’s Best Products by checking out the March issue of Dental Product Shopper.

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