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Bright Ideas for Increasing Revenue Through Teeth Whitening


Generate Bigger Revenue with Kulzer's Teeth Whitening

You already know that teeth whitening can help your patients look and feel better. You also know it can increase your bottom line. But do you know whether offering teeth whitening products and services could be an even bigger revenue generator for your practice?

Kulzer, which makes the Venus White teeth whitening system, has some recommendations for introducing teeth whitening to your practice and increasing case acceptance.

With your staff

1. Become educated about the product, and make sure patient-facing staff members are as well. Kulzer provides instructions and marketing material for Venus White so clinicians can discuss the process with patients and answer questions.

2. Identify goals, and measure progress toward them. It’s hard to achieve a goal if you haven’t set one.  Determine an attainable sales goal for your team, and incentivize your staff to go the extra mile to reach it.

With your patients

  • 1. Announce the availability of the product to your patients. If you’re looking for a reason for an email blast or patient mailing, news your patients can use beats a birthday postcard or another generic reminder to schedule an appointment. Kulzer also offers Venus White web banners for your practice website.

  • 2. Make sure promotional materials are visible in your office, so patients are aware you offer teeth whitening. They

    Venus Tooth Whitening System from Kulzer
  •  might be already thinking about whether it’s right for them by the time they’re sitting in the chair.

  • 3. Talk to your patients. They look to you for your expertise, and you’re able to discuss with them if they’re a candidate for teeth whitening.  Identify each patient’s shade during their visit, and let them know how many shades brighter a product like Venus White could make their teeth.

  • 4. If teeth whitening is something they’re interested in, discuss their options. For instance, with Venus White, patients have the flexibility of having the procedure done in the office or using trays at home.

  • 5. Consider offering a discount to attract patients who may have been considering teeth whitening but felt cost was a barrier.

  • To find out more about the Venus White line of products, visit

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