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Orascoptic has always been dedicated to helping clinicians see optimally during procedures to help them provide comprehensive care to patients. Part of their commitment means developing long-lasting lighting solutions that produce even, true white light. Last year, Orascoptic released Endeavour™ XL, a surgical headlight that exceeds the performance standards established by their original Endeavour system. Endeavour™ XL boasts 25 percent longer battery run time and 25 percent brighter illumination than its predecessor. Delivering up to 24 hours of continuous light at 85 lumens, Endeavour XL employs constant-current technology to ensure the quality of the light will remain consistent over the run-time of the battery pack.

The quality of light Endeavour XL produces is ideal for the operatory environment. You’ll benefit from a cool, white light uniformly distributed across your entire field of view. The white light helps in the accuracy of shade matching. It also allows you to see a patient’s mouth in full detail, ensuring you don’t miss any areas of concern.

Leveraging capacitive touch controls, Endeavour XL allows the clinician to easily transition between three light intensity levels, so you can get just the intensity you need. The controls can be operated while holding instruments in your hand, and even function through the fabric of most pants, scrubs, or jacket pockets.

Orascoptic also offers the Spark™, a cordless headlight that can be attached to virtually any loupe or eyewear frame. No more tripping or getting caught up in cords! By design, the weight of the Spark is evenly distributed across the bridge of the frame, reducing pressure on your nose. Plus, when you co-axially mount a Spark light to your loupes, you minimize the shadows in the operatory.

Just like the Endeavour XL, Spark uses constant-current technology, so the light it produces remains uniform and consistent throughout the hours of battery run-time. The Spark can be easily charged by a standard micro USB.

Completing the portfolio of Orascoptic lighting solutions is XV1™ - the first and only loupe with a built-in wireless headlight. You get all the magnification AND illumination you need in a single product! The XV1requires no cords, as all of the electronics are enclosed within the loupe frame itself. What’s more, the patent-pending design allows you to adjust the weight distribution of the product to maximize comfort and fit for your unique facial geometry.

Safety and comfort are also part of each Orascoptic product. All Orascoptic lights comply with the International Electrotechnical Commission’s blue light testing standard, and each model is ergonomically designed for maximum comfort. To learn more about Orascoptic’s lights, visit

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