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Bright Smile’s Growth Means More Dentists and Patients Are All Smiles


Bright Smile Financing’s model continues to resonate within the dental community. The loan company works with dental practices to provide simple, quick, no-hassle financing for dental procedures to patients with diverse credit histories.

The loan company has been growing at an exponential rate. In fact, while the company is in the process of moving into a larger space in its Hallendale, Fla., office, that move may not be the only one for the company in the short term.

“By the end of the year, if growth continues at the same pace, we will have to move again into a bigger space,” said Mario Hoffmann, managing director.

Looking to find out more about Bright Smile Financing? If you’ll be at the Florida Dental Association’s Orlando convention June 21-23 at the Gaylord Palms Resort and Convention Center, you might want to pass by their booth and ask for their barbecue parties. That’s because the company will be hosting barbecue parties while educating clinicians about their services at their nearby 15-bedroom villa.

“We plan to invite doctors to our house every night, so we can explain how they can benefit from our program and hopefully enroll them at no cost in our provider network,” Mr. Hoffmann said.

Bright Smile Financing’s model ensures dentists receive funds on the same day of the procedure, which eliminates the risk for the practice. Approval can be provided while the patient is in the office, so patients don’t need to wait to receive care.

Bright Smile Financing’s credit-agnostic platform can help patients with low credit scores get necessary dental work. In fact, the company specializes in applicants who have credit scores between 500 and 650, which means, Mr. Hoffmann said, the company is able to finance more than 50 percent of patients who would have been turned down by the competition. With that rate of acceptance, Bright Smile Financing can add significant revenue to your practice through increased case acceptance. “Patients who might otherwise walk out the door because they couldn’t get financing can now get the care they need,” Mr. Hoffmann said.

Look for Bright Smile Financing at booth 830 at the Florida Dental Convention, or anytime at

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