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Brush up on Bonding Essentials for Zirconia Restorations


The “Guide to Zirconia Bonding Essentials,” by John M. Powers, PhD, and Kathy L. O’Keefe, DDS, and available to download from Kuraray America, discusses zirconia-based ceramic restorations, their composition, and considerations for bonding them with various types of traditional and adhesive resin cements. Zirconia restorations may be ideal for crowns, bridges, and implant abutments when high strength is needed. They are also a good choice in the esthetic zone. As the use of zirconia-based ceramic restorations increases, so do the products and techniques associated with them. Powers and O’Keefe describe the properties of zirconia-based products, outlining the advantages, disadvantages, indications, contraindications, when and whether to cement or bond them, and some of the clinical techniques used to prepare, cement/bond, and finish zirconia restorations. For more information, click here.

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