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Bulk EZ®: Bulk Fill Made Easy

If you’ve worked with light-cured composite, you know some of the challenges it presents:
  • Placement using light curing takes time.
  • The intensity of the placement can decline in deep restorations.
  • You may experience undercuring if your light source is suboptimal, and shadowing.
  • The polymerization occurs toward the light source instead of the preparation walls, which can cause voids.

However, Bulk EZ™ from Zest Dental Solutions is designed to remedy these issues. This single-step, easy-to-place, dual-cure composite combines flowable cavity adaptation with high strength and wear resistance.

Bulk EZ uses self-cure, patent-pending IntelliTek™ Technology, which controls and directs shrinkage while eliminating leakage in all posterior restorations. It cures in just 90 seconds, even in the deepest of cavities.

Additional benefits of Bulk EZ: Because shrinkage occurs toward the preparation walls, voids are virtually eliminated and you can create an ideal interproximal margin. You and your patients will also like the long-term color stability Bulk EZ offers. In addition, the product is compatible with self-etch, total etch and selective etch bonding systems.

When using Bulk EZ, you can do more than place the composite. You can also use the tip of the syringe to create margins easily prior to setting.

Clinicians have the option of light curing for 10 seconds after the restoration sets. Once placement is complete, simply adjust occlusion and polish.

Bulk EZ rated a 3.7 in Dental Product Shopper’s evaluation. “The esthetics of the material are much improved compared to most of the other bulk fills that I’ve used,” said Dr. John Newland, a Pennsylvania-based dentist who evaluated the product. “It’s the best of the bulk fills that I’ve used.”

Accessory items for Bulk EZ include the Mega V™ Contact Matrix Ring and Prelude One™ Universal Adhesive.

Learn more about how Bulk EZ can improve your restorations while also reducing the time you spend on them at

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