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Cam-X Triton HD: 'A Must-Have Piece of Technology'


Air Techniques brings the lights and camera—making it easy for you take action when the multipurpose Cam-X Triton HD is in your hand.

The sleek, modern-looking Cam-X Triton HD has three heads that allow the clinician to do it all: capture sharp, high-resolution images with one-click autofocus, and detect plaque and caries.

Cam-X Triton HD’s slim, rounded head allows you to access even the most challenging posterior areas. The buttons are intuitively located on the top and bottom, so you don’t need to change your grip as you use it.

As a camera, you can use the Cam-X Triton HD to capture clear, detailed full-face and macro images and video, all in 1280 X 1024 resolution. Switch out the scratch-resistant lenses quickly so you get just the images you need and then save your images and video right to the patient’s digital chart.

As a diagnostic tool, you can use the Proxi head and the Spectra head during the exam.

With the Proxi, you have a reliable and easy diagnostic tool for detecting and diagnosing interproximal caries without X-ray radiation. The Spectra head emits a violet light and displays and analyzes caries by color and number and displays them on screen. Caries-producing bacteria will show as red; healthy enamel displays as green. Easily show your patients areas of their mouth where they could improve brushing and flossing without using dye tablets or solutions.

With one tool, you can simplify clinical procedures, educate your patients and increase case acceptance.

Pittsburgh-based dentist Dr. Susan McMahon says the Cam-X Triton HD has made exams easier with clearer results. “The CamX Triton HD with Proxi Head is the most comprehensive diagnostic technology in dentistry!” McMahon raves, calling it a “must-have piece of technology.”

McMahon said she’s able to use the tool throughout the course of an exam. “Combining the Proxi head with the caries-detecting Spectra and intraoral camera makes the exam flow simple for dentists and hygienists. Simply pop on interchanging the heads as you go through your exam. The device is smaller and more nimble, too.” 

McMahon said she appreciates the diagnostic value the Cam-X Triton HD brings. “The Triton has it all in one device—the Proxi head for interproximal, the Spectra for pits, fissures and smooth surfaces, and the camera for photos.”

Patients also benefit from clinicians using such a tool. “Offering early caries detection with minimally invasive restorations is the very best dentistry we can do for our patients,” she said. “I cannot imagine any practice solely relying on the old standards of radiographs and an explorer any longer.”

The Windows-compatible Cam-X Triton HD is USB powered, and has a motion-detector shutoff function. Learn more at on Air Techniques' website.

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