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CamX Triton HD—Two Great Products Rolled Into One

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If you’re of a certain age, you probably remember this product slogan: “Two, two, two mints in one!” For those of you not of a certain age, it was for a candy / breath mint combo called Certs.


Anyway, that commercial came to mind when I read about the CamX Triton HD. Using an interchangeable head system, Air Techniques has combined the caries detection technology of Spectra and the high-definition image quality of CamX to create a diagnostic and detection tool that’s reliable and easy to use.


If you’re not familiar with CamX Spectra and CamX Triton HD, here’s a quick primer:


Spectra Interchangeable Head

Using violet emitting LEDs, Spectra makes caries-causing bacteria glow red and healthy enamel glow green. In addition to color, number designations allow you to analyze caries activity, educate your patients, and more easily explain treatment recommendations.


Cam Interchangeable Head

The technology behind this camera includes two LEDs for consistent illumination, flexible focal distance so you can take HD images of everything from full face to macro, and HD quality even with live video. With these high-quality images your patients can better collaborate with you about your treatment suggestions.

The simplicity of CamX Triton HD really can’t be overstated. With just one push of a button you can automatically focus your image. And the capture-upon-release buttons are strategically placed at both the top and bottom of the device so there’s no awkward maneuvering to reach the button. In addition, both of the interchangeable heads are slim and rounded so you can get into the difficult to reach areas of the mouth…and it’s more comfortable for your pateints.


Seamless Patient Presentation

Dr. Dean Glasser, professor at the Columbia University Dental School in New York City, said this about the CamX Triton HD: “The user-friendly hardware and software, along with its application, provide for an accurate diagnosis and seamless patient presentation.”

With this one device, you have a digital workflow that supports patient communication and education, as well as documentation and progress tracking. 

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