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Profluorid Varnish

Thin, transparent 5% sodium fluoride varnish with an easy, nonmessy SingleDose delivery system

best product logo from dps Find out why Patti DiGangi, RDH, BS, believes:

• Risk-based systems should guide treatment choices and make the patient conversation easy.

• The low film thickness of Profluorid Varnish delivers many benefits, including a pleasant patient experience.


Will my insurance pay? This question—a dreaded one for clinicians who believe there will be no coverage—leads to an inevitable tap dance of discomfort.

In fact, this scenario is an oft-experienced syndrome that can be diagnosed as “dental code allergy,” which is why I coined the term DentalCodeology in my efforts to help dental professionals demystify coding.

Clinicians often mix up diagnosis and treatment with an insurance discussion, even when it comes to services such as fluoride treatment. However, the best reply when asked about coverage is, “With your permission, I’m going to set that aside for a moment so I can share my diagnosis and treatment plan for you. I promise, once we’re finished, we’re going to bring coverage right back into the discussion.”

By including risk-assessment on third-party claims and allowing risk, instead of coverage, to drive the fluoride conversation, the dreaded insurance question becomes much easier to answer.

profluoride varnish from voco america dental Risk Assessment Drives Treatment

The ADA Evidence-Based Topical Fluoride Guideline shows fluoride application should be based on risk— not age. Though guidelines include age categories, these are used to determine the most efficacious product choice for that individual. When risk assessment is used in the fluoride discussion, you can give the patient a reason for treatment based on his or her risk.

One of the amazing arrows in the quiver of product choices, VOCO’s Profluorid Varnish is an easy-to-use, thin, great-tasting, and transparent 5% sodium fluoride varnish. We hygienists love the SingleDose delivery system, which makes application headache-free.

The low film thickness of Profluorid Varnish has several benefits. First, it is able to flow into areas other varnishes may miss. Second, it makes the experience more pleasant for our patients. Other varnishes sometimes leave an uncomfortable “lumpy” feeling for the patient when a hygienist—in an effort to provide a thorough treatment—uses too much product.

Another benefit is that Profluorid Varnish adheres well to moist surfaces and sets in seconds after contact with saliva. Then, the immediate high fluoride release relieves hypersensitivity. For patients who are of high or extra-high risk, this can become a talking point, as they're assured we're helping to reduce discomfort.

Optimizing Care and Coverage

Patients like the experience of Profluorid Varnish. And when using risk assessment, they understand the importance. They feel a return on their investment, whether payment comes out of their pocket or not.

We can optimize coverage by including risk assessment on third-party claims. I trust these thoughts can reduce the itch of your "dental code allergy."

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