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CEREC Primemill: A New Level of Speed and Accuracy


CEREC Primemill

Milling and grinding unit takes chairside dentistry workflows to a new level of speed and accuracy

CEREC Primemill milling and grinding unit Just when it seems that our chairside restorative workflows could not possibly get any faster or easier, Dentsply Sirona's newest CAD/CAM innovation, the CEREC Primemill grinding and milling machine, shakes things up. The in-house mill debuts a unique combination of new electronics, software, motors, and mechanical components that work together to create impressive chairside restorations with precise margins and smooth surfaces.

“Our CEREC system enables dentists to treat patients chairside in just a single visit,” said Dr. Alexander Völcker, Group Vice President of CAD/CAM & Orthodontics at Dentsply Sirona. “With CEREC Primemill, restorations can now be fabricated even faster, resulting in noticeable time and efficiency gains.”

A Faster Grind

While it typically takes 10 to 12 minutes to mill a zirconia crown, using the Super Fast mode on the CEREC Primemill cuts that time in half by allowing users to mill zirconia in as little as 5 minutes. The addition of both a highly accurate 0.5-mm milling tool and an Extra Fine milling mode creates a higher level of detail, especially with occlusal fi ssures and interdental areas on bridges.

The CEREC Primemill combines wet and dry milling and wet grinding so that clinicians can choose from a wide range of material options from validated partners, regardless of the indication. An integrated block scanner is a time-saving new feature that automatically scans material blocks with compatible data matrix codes and then records the information, such as type, size, color, and zirconia enlargement factor.

“I am convinced that CEREC users, as well as new customers, will be enthusiastic about CEREC Primemill—especially once they have experienced it in action,” added Dr. Völcker.

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