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Check Out New TPH Spectra ST from Dentsply Sirona


Dentsply Sirona recently introduced TPH Spectra ST, a universal composite comprised of the innovative SphereTEC spherical prepolymerized fillers. SphereTEC fill technology is Dentsply Sirona’s new proprietary method for manufacturing “microscaled,” rounded, submicron glass superstructures. This new particle size distribution enables the product to be more easy to handle during placement and shaping in both high and low viscosities. It won’t stick to hand instruments, adapts to cavity surfaces without slumping, and is easy to sculpt and shape.

The enhanced chameleon effect of TPH Spectra ST, plus a five “cloud” shade range that matches the full VITA range, increases the ability to better match shades with natural dentition and existing restorations. Spectra ST also demonstrates improved durability—it’s highly polishable, stain resistant, and has 60% improved wear resistance.

For information on this newest addition to the trusted TPH brand, click here. To download the product brochure, click here.


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